Different ways of presenting GRAMMAR














Handout 1 Presentation of grammar via a text/a dialogue

Procedure Aim
1. Warmer/lead – in to the topic  To raise interest in the text
2.Pre-teach essential lexis from the text  To eliminate vocabulary distractions
3. Pre-set general comprehension questions about the text  To focus students on reading/listening
4. Students listen/read and answer the comprehension questions  To ascertain students’ understanding of the context
5. Direct students’ attention to one example of the target language  To focus students on the target language
6. Concept check the target language  To focus students on the meaning
7. Highlight the form of the target language  To give students guidance on how to build the form
8. Drill the target language  To give students help with forming sounds and build confidence
9. Students look for other examples of target language and follow the similar procedure     To consolidate the meaning, form,        pronunciation, etc.
10. Continue with controlled practice  


Handout 2  Blaze at local cinema

       A fire broke out at the Odeon cinema in New Street last night. It was quickly brought under control by the staff and no-one was seriously injured. The cinema was full of children and their parents as the film “Bambi” was being shown but everyone left quickly without panic. However, ten people were taken to hospital suffering from the effects of smoke.

     The Odeon is owned by the Lucky Leisure Company. A spokesperson said:“Odeon cinemas are visited by thousands of people every week and we have never had a fire before. Our safety record is excellent”. However, staff said that the water sprinklers, which had only been put in the week before, had not worked when the fire started. The police are investigating and a 19-year-old man is being questioned.     Staff are now cleaning up after the fire. “Part of the work has now been completed and the whole cinema will be redecorated at the weekend,” said the spokesperson. “It should be open again on Monday.”

 What does the text say about:

 Odeon cinemas ____________________________________________________________

a 19-year-old man __________________________________________________________

part of the work ____________________________________________________________

ten people _________________________________________________________________

the film “Bambi” ___________________________________________________________

The water sprinklers _________________________________________________________

the whole cinema____________________________________________________________


 Handout 3  Presentation of grammar via a test-teach-test approach

 TTT involves teacher starting the lesson with a test, to see how much the student knows or doesn’t know. This test is really a discovery stage rather than what could be perceived as an intimidating test. It can be conducted in pairs or groups to help reduce the test perspective.

Stage 1 Test
 Gap sentences can be used, or more communicative methods such as students expressing life experiences related to the grammar point. The teacher observes what is known and not known, making a list of problem areas for later clarification.

Stage 2 Teach
 The teacher reviews all the questions with the correct answers. The common mistakes are given focus, with additional example sentences given and elicited. This stage is basically a clarification of meaning, form, and pronunciation.

Stage 3 Test
 The final stage is the second test. The second test is a practice session based on what the teacher has explained and clarified. Test two practice activities can involve students writing and speaking the language points taught using material they create, or it could be material that contains the wrong grammar which needs to be corrected.

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