Associated Schools Project Network(ASPnet)

Annual Report Form for ASPnet Schools

This form must be completed by the School’s designated contact person for ASPnet. The School’s project results should be attached, together with the best photos illustrating the year’s activities, and the form and attachments returned before the end of the school year to the ASPnet National Coordinator or National Commission for UNESCO – and under no circumstances to UNESCO Headquarters directly.

United Nations

Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNESCO Associated Schools

Звіт ЮНЕСКО 2016-2017 н.р. Ліцей №51

Звіт-ЮНЕСКО-2014-2015 /  Annual Report 2015 Lyceum 51

ANNUAL REPORT/Річний Звіт 2012-13

ANNUAL REPORT/Річний Звіт  2010-2011

ANNUAL REPORT/Річний Звіт  2009-2010

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